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Simon Whitworth wrote and published the novel, Jessie Granton and the Invisible Steps, in late 2010 and continued to write the musical and is now currently seeking theatrical companies to take on this exciting new show.

The Musical

The Invisible Steps, is a musical stage production based on the novel Jessie Granton and the Invisible steps.

The album The Invisible Steps Act 1 features songs from the stage show and is available as a digital download.

Two more albums are soon to follow The Invisible Steps Act 2 and Act 3 . These songs are also for the stage show The invisible Steps and its spin off production 1866.

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The Book

In her short life Jessie has already lost all her family and her home. Now she is afraid that she will lose her new friends and her extraordinary life in Bluebell Wood. She turns her fear into strength to stand her ground against the approaching darkness.

This inspiring story appeals to the imagination in all of us, and our desire to belong. It lets us see our Earth from a different perspective. Above all, it is a call for gentleness and kindness.

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